June Meeting – 6/16/2015 @12:30 REJ

Come join us for a can’t miss presentation on sUAS Forensics.


Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) aka “drones” are all the rage – they are invading your privacy, they are delivering your packages (and illegal drugs), they are even landing on the White House lawn. Where have they been? Where are they going? Who launched them? Let’s find out.

sUAS – emphasis on the final ‘S’ – are complex systems. The aerial platform alone often consists of a radio link, an autopilot, a photography sub-system, a GPS, and multiple other sensors. Each one of these components might contain a wealth of pieces to the answer to the above questions. Add in the ground control stations, the radio controller, and the video downlink system and you have a very complex computing environment running a variety of commercial, closed source, open source, and home brew software.

And yes, there is already malware specifically targeting drones.

During this presentation, we will walk through all of the components of a representative drone and discuss the forensic process and potential artifacts of each component, along with a presentation of the overall story told by the individual components.

Speaker Bio:

David Kovar is a senior manager in Ernst & Young’s Advisory Center of Excellence developing and offering operational services in the digital forensics and incident response space. He’s also been an entrepreneur, ediscovery consultant, software engineer, search and rescue incident command, executive protection agent, and lethal forensicator. He’s collected images in China, rescued wayward Americans in Australia, and fenced with APT actors from all over the world. Oh, and he flies sailplanes, fixed wings, helicopters, and drones…..


Robert E. Johnson (REJ) Conference Center located directly behind the REJ Building at 1501 N. Congress Avenue. The Conference Center is a silver, half-domed building.

Parking is in the Capitol Visitor Garage is free for the first two hours and $.75 for each half-hour thereafter (maximum daily charge: $6.00)